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Create a profitable culture by getting your team in the mode of wanting to go beyond providing solid project work but also having your bottom line at the heart of all they do. Your staff can’t change their behavior by going to a 2-day bootcamp or crash course. They need a process that sets expectations, helps them understand the importance of profitability and where profitability leaks are on your projects, and teaches how to Find the Lost Dollars in your firm.

AEC Business Solutions’ proven Find the Lost Dollars AEC Business Management Training Program combines engaging and fun online courses with expected:

  • behavior changes,
  • positive reinforcement from firm leadership, and
  • measurement of results (what gets measured gets done).


In early 2017 we implemented the Find the Lost Dollars Business Management Assessment to a core group of our management team and had our Kleinschmidt University Leadership Academy (KULA) group go through the Find the Lost Dollars Business Management training program. The Assessment was a valuable tool to understand areas we needed to focus on as well as get feedback from our team regarding our strengths in nine areas of our business. The training program was well designed and covered all areas of our business that we wanted our team to learn about. Overall it was a phenomenal experience and we will continue to utilize this program for our up and coming as well as our experienced project managers (PMs). I give the Find the Lost Dollars program an A and highly recommend it to any A&E firm looking to provide business skills and teach best practices to their PMs and emerging leaders.

Russ Sandford, Senior Manager, Corporate Planning and Development Group

We put our entire management team through the Find the Lost Dollars business management training program and have seen almost instantaneous improvement in our bottom line.

Bill Zink, P.E., President,
christopher consultants

All of the team members of the Environmental Health & Safety Division of Hillmann Consulting went through the Find the Lost Dollars AEC Business Management Training Program in late 2015. Our profit for this department was only at 2% and we needed a way to get all of our staff on the same page to increase our profit margin without increasing our rates.

After the training, we immediately implemented many new practices that changed our culture and transformed our profitability. We improved billable utilization rates, improved time management procedures and ensured everyone on the team adhered to policies that improved profitability. Our January to September year-to-date profit is now at a stunning 20.87%!

Having our team go through the Find the Lost Dollars Training Program has made an incredible difference for us, with an increase of profit of over $200,000 in less than a year!

Geralanne Maglione
Hillmann Consulting, LLC

Our management team expressed a desire for formal training and the Find the Lost Dollars program was a great solution for us!  It worked well for our team to be able to take each course on their own time and then come together to discuss each course and take away recommendations for what we could do to improve.  The course opened up a dialogue between various levels of management and helped to make sure everyone is on the same page.  The discussions after each course were the greatest benefit to our team, they provided an opportunity to learn from each other as well as the course.  We have put together action items based on these discussions and goals formulated during the course.  With significant growth and internal management changes at our firm, this course has helped bring everyone together as they settled into their new roles.

Darcy C. Veneziale, CPSM
The Lighting Practice

My participation in the Find the Lost Dollars training has really made me a more conceptual thinker as I have been exposed to other areas of our business that I haven't been before. I have particularly increased my financial knowledge which is helpful in directing sales plans for our business development team.

Michele Spinowitz
Hillmann Consulting, LLC

We had the opportunity to work with AEC Business Solutions and June directly during a 10 week training program they offer to assist A/E firms who are looking for ways to enlighten management staff on the “business” aspects of a firm. The program has been extremely helpful and more importantly provided an actual path for us to follow moving forward. June’s role during the training for our firm, was as facilitator of our weekly follow up discussion sessions and she provided exceptional insight and best management practices that we found to be very valuable. If your firm’s managers struggle with understanding the “business” side of your engineering firm, I would highly recommend June Jewell and her firm’s program.

Danny Bridges
McGill Associates

The Find the Lost Dollars Business Management Training Program has had a profound impact on our financial results and the performance of our staff. We had the majority of our staff participate in the program to get them focused on our financial success.

We saw an increase in profit from 2015 to 2016 of over 16% resulting in additional profit of $162,000.

It has also had a significant impact on our internal communication and client satisfaction. We highly recommend this program to any A&E firm looking to increase project profitability and improve employee performance.

Chris Hillmann, CEO
Hillmann Consulting, LLC

The Find the Lost Dollars platform has helped me focus on areas where we can improve our processes, specifically the GO/NO-GO process and our PM training.

Kevin Davis
Pennoni Associates, Inc.

The Find the Lost Dollars training courses have helped fill gaps in my understanding of Project Management, including financial aspects. The overall goals of these courses should be to bring all PMs and management, regardless of their individual knowledge, closer to realizing the same information and skills. In short, a new hire and a 10 year employee should have a close range of knowledge after these courses.

Bret Martine
Century Engineering, Inc.

I have become more focused on the amount of detail in proposals and costs associated with the various tasks. The Find the Lost Dollars course has given me a big picture view of all the components necessary to complete projects on budget to be profitable.

Troy Rubino
Century Engineering, Inc.

The Find the Lost Dollars courses made me a lot more aware of the financial side of project management instead of just focusing on the engineering aspect of the project.

Michael Finke
Century Engineering, Inc.

All managers at Wetland Studies and Solutions, Inc. took the Find the Lost Dollars class together the first quarter of 2016.  We found it incredibly useful for several reasons. First - it reaffirmed the value of two ongoing initiatives and reduced push back -  implementing a CRM system that is integrated into our accounting and contact system; and implementing a printing/copying billing system tied to our accounting software. Second – it brought a better understanding of how we make money down to lower management levels. Third – it improved awareness of the business side of our consulting practice.  It clearly has helped our organization improve its profitability. We’ve had record sales, revenue and profits for our employee-owned firm in 2016.

Mike Rolband
Wetland Studies and Solutions, Inc.

Our firm recognized the need for training in order to get all of our Project Managers at the same level with financial management skills.  We chose the Find the Lost Dollars program to remind some of our team of best practices, and for others to introduce them to topics previously unfamiliar to them.   We did not go into the training with the goal to save money or increase profitability, but knew in the end by educating Project Managers on process that would happen.  We wanted to make it clear to our Project Managers that quality can be maintained, and the firm will still make money by looking for process improvements.  The training has been a success! At roundtable discussions throughout the courses, the Project Managers have suggested changes in our systems that gets key financial information to them timely and allows them to better manage the financial aspect of the projects.

Rita LaChance, Business Manager
Quinn Evans Architects

The Find the Lost Dollars courses gave me a better understanding of accounting principles and how accounting is done on a company wide basis, and will provide a better understanding of how each project affects the bottom line.

Diana Young
Buchart Horn, Inc.

By utilizing the techniques learned in the Cash is King course, I will help improve the company's rate of cash flow.

Kristen Sleys
Hillmann Consulting, LLC

The Time is Money course gave me a number of ideas on how to push timesheet data entry higher in importance for employees.

Ryan Wolfe
Kitchen & Associates

The Scope Creep course made me more aware of indicators that show scope creep is occurring allowing me to mitigate it before it becomes too much of a problem.

Steven Mell
Century Engineering, Inc.

I believe I am a better PM because of having taken the Find the Lost Dollars course. I have made efforts to change policies on project setup and staff engagement to more of these specifics.

Michael Kissinger
Pennoni Associates, Inc.


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Hillmann Consulting, LLC is a successful Environmental and Engineering consulting firm. After all, they have been in business since 1985 and have been recognized by Zweig Group as one of the fastest-growing firms in the industry for the past 3 years.

Your Property. Our Priority is their mission.

Their commitment to service is clear and has proven to be one of the major cornerstones of their success. They build long lasting relationships with their clients, offering them the peace of mind they need when environmental concerns arise or the unthinkable occurs. This dedication to their clients was part of their culture, yet certain business practices regarding keeping clients happy as well as some inefficient business practices came at a high price. They were not as profitable as they desired – like many other firms in the A&E industry, they were growing but not seeing the same growth to the bottom line.

In 2014, their management team recognized that if they made some internal business/project management changes, they could provide even more value to their clients and increase their profitability at the same time.  READ MORE >

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For over 33 years, christopher consultants (christopher) headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia has provided civil engineering, surveying, land planning, urban design and landscape architecture in the mid-Atlantic region. Founded by Christopher Brown (Chris) in 1982, the firm currently employs over 100 professionals and has five divisions serving a range of different industries.

In 2011, Bill Zink took over as President and leader of the firm, and has been working hard to develop strategies to take the firm forward. He realized that though the firm had a long history of success, the firm’s culture needed some  adjustments in order to deal with 21st century economic pressures.

As many firms in the A&E industry are now experiencing, going through a founder leadership transition is a slow and delicate process. It is important to protect the elements of success  READ MORE >


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