Our mission is to work closely with all of our clients to provide the tools, training and assessments necessary to helping them find the “lost dollars” in their businesses. We offer innovative solutions that will help you to transform your organization, and hold your staff accountable to goals and actions, giving you a measurable return on investment.

Our goal is to help you to eliminate time consuming, ineffective business practices and learn to focus on what matters most from people, processes and technology to gain a competitive edge and increase your firm’s profitability.

We want to work with A&E firm leaders that are driven and compelled to improve their businesses. Changing the performance of your employees takes a commitment to change the culture that drives their everyday behavior, and an investment of the resources to implement the necessary changes to train people, revamp processes, and improve systems. Not every firm is ready to do that!

What our clients are saying…

Please take a moment to read a few of the testimonials we’ve collected over the years. Our clients’ success is the measure of our success. Here’s what our clients are saying:

Bill Zink coaching services testimonialWe put our entire management team through the Find the Lost Dollars™ Business Management Training Program and have seen almost instantaneous improvement in our bottom line.

Bill Zink, P.E., President,
christopher consultants


David Belt, BFW

The Find the Lost Dollars™ Business Management Training Program has given BFW a competitive advantage by helping us better control scope creep while improving our client service and execution. I highly recommend the program to any A&E firm looking to improve both their firm’s operational and business practices, as well as the state of mind and performance of their professional staff.

David Belt, CFO 
BFW Engineers

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