Find The Lost Dollars | AEC Business Management Training Program

Group Business Management Training Program Designed for Architects, Engineers, and Environmental Professionals to Increase Profits and Client Success

Great projects are not just beautiful, functional and award-winning – they are also profitable!

Why are some firms realizing 10%, 12%, 15% and even greater than 20% profit margins  – while your clients continue to squeeze your fees lower and lower?

And on top of that, your employees are giving away profits because they have not been taught how to deal with effective sales practices, demanding clients, and effective business management.

Some A&E firms have realized that the solution is to reinvent their culture into an environment where every employee is held accountable to ensure the firm’s financial success.

But how do you change their mindset and daily activities so that all the small amounts of profit that are leaking from your projects are captured?

The answer is our comprehensive approach and methodology that does just that!

The Find the Lost Dollars™ AEC Business Management Training Program is designed to transform your Project Managers, Emerging Leaders and Principals into profitable Business Leaders.

You will create a profitable culture by getting your team in the mode of wanting to go beyond providing solid project work but also having your bottom line at the heart of all they do.

Your staff can’t change their behavior by going to a 2-day bootcamp or crash course.

They need a process that sets expectations, helps them understand the importance of profitability and where money gets lost in your firm, and teaches how to Find the Lost Dollars in your firm.

So what is the answer?

June R. Jewell, CPA Find the Lost Dollars: 6 Steps to Increase Profits in Architecture, Engineering and Environmental Firms

Our proven Find the Lost Dollars™ AEC Business Management Training Program utilizes videos, exercises, workbooks, assessments, goal setting and coaching to realize a significant improvement in performance.

This program combines engaging and fun online courses with regular coaching calls, expected behavior changes, positive reinforcement from firm leadership, and measurement of results (what gets measured gets done).

This adds accountability to learning, and sets guidelines for changed behavior.

We can even help you design new and better processes that incorporate best practices into everything your staff do every day.

This program is based on the best selling Find the Lost Dollars: 6 Steps to Increase Profits in Architecture, Engineering and Environmental Firms (© 2013, 2017) book by A&E profitability expert, June R. Jewell.

Review the course descriptions to see a summary what is covered in each of the 10 one-hour courses.

This innovative approach provides the following BENEFITS:

  • Increase your Win Rate, Utilization and Project Profit Margins
  • Hold Your Staff Accountable for Measurable Results
  • Set Goals and track Progress
  • 10 Hour Self-Paced, Engaging, Fun Format with NO Time Out of the Office
  • Earn Continuing Education Credits that produce return on investmentPDH Hours Continuing Education Credits
  • Pair the training with our Business Management Assessment to really understand where to focus your attention

Guaranteed results

We guarantee results but this program only works with firm leader commitment and involvement.

What our clients are saying...

We highly recommend this program to any A&E firm looking to increase project profitability and improve employee performance - Chris Hillmann, CEO, Hillmann Consulting LLC“The Find the Lost Dollars Business Management Training Program has had a profound impact on our financial results and the performance of our staff. We had the majority of our staff participate in the program to get them focused on our financial success.
We saw an increase in profit from 2015 to 2016 of over 16% resulting in additional profit of $162,000.
It has also had a significant impact on our internal communication and client satisfaction. We highly recommend this program to any A&E firm looking to increase project profitability and improve employee performance.”
Chris Hillmann, CEO,
Hillmann Consulting, LLC, Union, NJ

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Get More Profit Without More Work

Architecture and engineering firm owners I talk to with don’t always believe me when I tell them I can get more profit out of what they’re already doing, without getting more clients, increasing rates, or adding staff.

The CRAZIER part is that their management time actually goes DOWN after we work with their team.

When a company is running smoothly, there are fewer fires for the partners to put out.