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Do you know what your employees think about your business practices? Quickly find out exactly where business processes, systems and training are slowing down employees and leaking profits.


Get Better Data to Make Decisions


Uncover Opportunities to Leverage Processes & Systems


Discover Which Processes are Working or Not


Learn Where Bottlenecks are Slowing Down Work

Over 2,651 architects, engineers, environmental consultants and admin staff have taken the Business Management Assessment since it was released in 2015.

The abundance of data gathered from the assessment consistently highlights the following information about the average AEC Firm…


Of employees disagree with the following statement (or don't know):

People are held accountable when they fail to use our systems.


Of employees rate their firms as ineffective


Of employees say that their firm's processes are not working


Of employees are not using their company’s processes and systems

Project Manager beliefs regarding Scope Creep

  • Believe that scope creep could be handled more effectively 46% 46%
  • Believe their firm’s Scope Creep Process needs improvement 44% 44%
  • Believe their firm’s Scope Creep System needs improvement 44% 44%
  • Believe their firm’s Estimating System needs improvement 61% 61%


Of project managers disagree with the following statement (or don't know):

We have well documented policies and processes for managing and controlling extra services requests.”


Guide Your Firm to Greater Profits

There’s a faster, simpler, and more profitable way to grow your A&E Firm. Use the Business Management Assessment to assess where employees are struggling and where new processes and better systems will help them to be more productive.

Don’t guess what your employees are thinking.

Progressive A&E Firm Leaders ask their employees how to be better…

The Find the Lost Dollars Business Management Assessment tool will quickly give you the answers you need, and in the most cost-effective way.

The Find the Lost Dollars Business Management Assessment is a completely automated survey tool that probes the minds and opinions of your staff to instantly understand where bottlenecks, redundant systems, and time-wasting business practices are slowing down their work and keeping them from delivering profitable and successful projects.

It evaluates your employee’s answers to 160 questions in 9 critical areas of your business.


AEC Business Management


For each of these areas you get scores and recommendations that break down the data by People, Process and Technology, giving you clear data of where your firm is strong, average, or possibly struggling. The data can be analyzed by groups to provide further insight into where there may be issues with offices, teams, business units or by role.

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“The Find the Lost Dollars™ Business Management Assessment is a great planning tool to develop strategy. We added this to our strategic planning process. The assessment paints a picture of what is really going on in our company. It helps us to decide what we really need to do."


-Hillmann Consulting Group, LLC

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