How do you make the right decisions about where to spend money in your A&E firm?

Hire new people? Invest in marketing? New systems? Training?

What is going on every day in your firm?

The Find the Lost Dollars™ Business Management Assessment tool will give you the answers you need quickly and in the most cost effective way.

“ The Find the Lost Dollars™ Business Management Assessment is a great planning tool to develop strategy. We added this to our strategic planning process. The assessment paints a picture of what is really going on in our company. It helps us to decide what we really need to do.  Read more…”  — Hillmann Consulting Group LLC

With this assessment, you probe into the minds and opinions of your staff to instantly understand where the bottlenecks, frustrations, and time wasting business practices are slowing down their work and keeping them from delivering profitable and successful projects.

The assessment evaluates your employee’s answers to about 160 questions in 9 critical areas of your business including:

  • Managing Opportunities
  • Proposal Management& Execution
  • Estimating
  • Scope Creep and Extra Services
  • Utilization and Resource Management
  • Project Financial Management
  • Invoice Cycle and Cash Flow
  • IT Systems and Data Management
  • Client Relationship Management

For each of these areas we break down the data by People, Process and Technology, giving you a clear picture of where your firm is strong, average, or possibly struggling.

People Process Technology

Use this information to decide where to invest in systems or training, what initiatives are the most critical to future growth, and how your employees perceive the effectiveness of your business management processes.

Increase your firm’s productivity by analyzing where specific bottlenecks are slowing down productivity, and leverage your employees to improve business results as you grow.

Business Management Assessment

AEC Business Management

Proposal Management

What our clients are saying...

Jason Hoskins of Ulteig“Ulteig engaged with AEC Business Solutions in the Spring of 2017 to provide their Find the Lost Dollars™ Business Management Assessment to survey a cross-section of our employees. Our goal for the assessment was to give our staff the opportunity to provide feedback about our business management practices, and provide our management team with recommendations for improving processes and systems.
The assessment provided a comprehensive report analyzing nine areas of our business, which was extremely valuable for identifying where to focus to increase the efficiency and productivity of our teams. The ability to see scores and anonymous comments by group allowed us to evaluate the data at a detailed level, and understand their challenges and differences more clearly.
I highly recommend the Find the Lost Dollars™ Business Management Assessment as a tool for understanding strengths and weaknesses, gaining anonymous feedback from staff and developing a path forward for business management improvement and success.”
– Jason Hoskins, PE, Vice President of Innovation, Development and Quality, Ulteig, St. Paul, MN

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