Find the Lost Dollars Education Series

How to Train Your Employees to Make More Money

June Jewell holding her book:Find The Lost Dollars: 6 Steps to Increase Profits in Architecture, Engineering and Environmental Firms

Presented by JUNE JEWELL, CPA 

AEC Profitability Expert 

Author of "Find the Lost Dollars: 6 Steps to Increase Profits in Architecture, Engineering and Environmental Firms"

Great Projects are Not Just Beautiful, Functional and Award-Winning - They are also Profitable!

How much more profitable would your firm be if all your employees were focused on profitability? 

Much of the challenge revolves around your project managers, and with our proven approach, you can see substantial changes in your financial results in a short period of time. Join June Jewell as she unlocks the door to a creating a more profitable culture and newfound profitability for your firm. 

Learn how the right training can transform your Project Managers, Emerging Leaders and Principals into profitable Business Leaders, and help you Find Your Lost Dollars in your business. Learn about our innovative approach to training your team and reinventing your culture into an environment where every employee is held accountable to drive the firm's financial success.

Our successful program utilizes our proprietary content to drive behavioral change that, in turn, increases profits including: 

- Business Management Assessment used to probe into the minds and opinions of your staff to instantly understand where the bottlenecks, frustrations, and time wasting business practices are slowing down their work, and keeping them from delivering profitable and successful projects. We look at people, processes and technology for a 360 degee analysis of how your firm runs.

- Online Business Management Training used to teach your team the "business of the business" which is especially needed for expert technical staff who move into leadership roles.

- Team Working Sessions used to get your entire team working efficiently and looking for lost dollars in your projects. Using the newfound understanding of the business from the assessment and training, the team works to define and implement measurable results which contribute to the transformation of your culture to one where everyone understands how the business runs and is committed to working smarter. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Uncover the secrets of getting your employees to change and focus on the firm’s profitability. 
  • Learn our unique approach to transforming your firm’s culture to one where everyone is focused on the firm’s financial success and looking for lost dollars! 
  • See a demo of our online FTLD Business Management Training Program. 
  • Learn about the benefits and cultural changes our clients see after successfully implementing our 3 pronged approach.

This webinar is for you especially if: 

  • your project managers are great at technical work but don't necessarily optimize project profits 
  • your firm wants everyone to understand how the business runs and be committed to working smarter
  • your employees all do things their own way and you want more consistency between offices and groups 
  • your leadership is committed to improving business management processes and you need some help getting your PMs on board 
  • your firm is ready to see profits soar!  

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It’s happening Wednesday, December 6th!

  • 10:30 am Pacific
  • 11:30 am Mountain
  • 12:30 pm Central
  • 1:30 pm Eastern

Guaranteed to improve your project managers' performance in 6 months or less. 

People Process Techonology impact profitability

Learn how progressive companies like these and many others have improved their bottom line in as little as 10 weeks!

AEC Business Solutions Clients
Clients: Pennoni McGill Hillmann IBI BFW


Hillmann Consulting Review of AEC Business Solutions

Geralanne Maglione, VP

Hillmann Consulting

"All of the team members of the Environmental Health & Safety Division of Hillmann Consulting went through the Find the Lost Dollars AEC Business Management Training Program in late 2015. Our profit for this department was only at 2% and we needed a way to get all of our staff on the same page to increase our profit margin without increasing our rates. 

After the training, we immediately implemented many new practices that changed our culture and transformed our profitability. We improved billable utilization rates, improved time management procedures and ensured everyone on the team adhered to policies that improved profitability. 

Our January to September year-to-date profit is now at a stunning 20.87%! 

Having our team go through the Find the Lost Dollars Training Program has made an incredible difference for us, with an increase of profit of over $200,000 in less than a year!"

online training

Our mission is to work closely with of our clients to provide the tools, training and assessments necessary to helping them find "lost dollars' in their business. We offer innovative solutions that will help you to transform your organization, and hold your staff accountable to goals and actions, giving you a measurable return on investment.

Business Management Assessment

We look forward to serving you and helping you grow your business profitability!