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Transform Your Culture

AEC Profitability Summit 2019

A Transformational Event for Progressive Architecture, Engineering and Environmental Firms to Increase Profits.


Join us in September for our third AEC Profitability Summit – an interactive conference where we provide new-world solutions to future-world problems and provide detailed roadmaps to Find the Lost Dollars in your firm now and in the next few years. Gain a competitive unfair advantage over your competitors by challenging the status quo and innovating a brighter future.

Stop wasting your time at conferences that promote the same old-school methods of running a business. The industry and the world are changing. Your employees are looking for better ways to work and more progressive approaches and strategies to becoming the best in your field. Our goal is to help you disrupt your firm with out-of-the box ideas and strategies to take your firm to a higher level of success and profitability. With a focus on developing and retaining top performing employees, we will erase the traditional business models of the last 30 years and help you redesign your firm for the future.

This is the only AEC industry conference focused entirely on higher profits and happier employees. Plan to join us for this innovative learning opportunity with content specifically developed for progressive A&E firm leaders, emerging leaders, Directors and Executives to learn specific new solutions to the challenges affecting your firm’s profitability.

September 11-12th, 2019 | Hyatt Regency – Tysons Corner, VA


If not addressed, you will lose profits and frustrate employees.

The biggest problems you will see are:

Scope Creep

Poor estimates

Lost opportunities

Slow cash flow

Damaged client relationships

Project budget overruns


Poor employee and client retention



Traditional training does not change your employees’ mindset, behavior or performance. Unless you address the underlying business practices, cultural issues and communication in your firm, you will get the same results.

Sending PMs to a two-day bootcamp doesn’t fix the bottlenecks holding your team back!

In just ten weeks, we can help you transform teams of people, and address the underlying issues that cause you to leak money and cause employee frustration.

“The Find the Lost Dollars Business Management Program has had a profound impact on our financial results and the performance of our staff. In the year following the program, our profits increased 16% and we continue to grow revenues and profits. It has also had a significant impact on our internal communication and client satisfaction. We highly recommend this program to any A&E firm looking to increase project profitability and improve employee performance.”

-Chris Hillmann, CEO
Hillmann Consulting 
Union, NJ

“The Find the Lost Dollars Business Management Program has had a profound impact on our financial results and the performance of our staff. In the year following the program, our profits increased 16% and we continue to grow revenues and profits. It has also had a significant impact on our internal communication and client satisfaction. We highly recommend this program to any A&E firm looking to increase project profitability and improve employee performance.”

-Chris Hillmann, CEO, Hillmann Consulting, Union, NJ

Guide Your Firm to Greater Profits using our simple 3-step program:


Assess where employees are struggling and where new processes will help them to be happy and productive.


Online and group business training to teach employees how to deliver profitable projects.


Develop new processes and improve systems to reduce scope creep and make employees more efficient and happy.

Business Focused Culture

Project Management Success

Increase Employee Engagement & Retention

Streamlined Processes & Systems

Strong Client Relationships

Achieve Growth & Profit Goals


Quickly find out exactly where business processes, systems and training are failing your employees and costing you money.

Don’t guess what your employees are thinking.

Progressive A&E Firm Leaders ask their employees how to be better…

The Find the Lost Dollars Business Management Assessment tool will quickly give you the answers you need, and in the most cost-effective way.

The Find the Lost Dollars Business Management Assessment is a completely automated survey tool that probes the minds and opinions of your staff to instantly understand where bottlenecks, redundant systems, and time-wasting business practices are slowing down their work and keeping them from delivering profitable and successful projects.

It evaluates your employee’s answers to about 160 questions in 9 critical areas of your business.

For each of these areas you get scores and recommendations that break down the data by People, Process and Technology, giving you clear data of where your firm is strong, average, or possibly struggling. The data can be analyzed by groups to provide further insight into where there may be issues with offices, teams, business units or by role.

Learn more about our Business Management Assessment by clicking below to download our informational PDF:


Progressive A&E Firm Leaders Invest in their Teams to be the Best in the Industry!

Your employees are your greatest asset and investing in them strategically can give your firm a competitive and recruiting advantage in the marketplace. Progressive A&E leaders that develop the best teams deliver better, faster and more profitable projects, and consistently retain and get more work from great clients.

Your employees did not learn how to be business leaders in college, and as a result, often “give away” your profits because they don’t know how to bring in business, ask clients for money or control project costs. By giving them business skills and empowering them to help your firm succeed, they will feel happier and want to stay with your firm longer.

Two-day bootcamps are a waste of time and traditional training does not change your employees’ mindset or behavior. What your employees do every day is what makes the difference between success and failure on projects. Most of their activities are driven by long-held habits that take ten weeks to change!

After working with thousands of A&E firms over 30 years, we have developed the leading educational program for growing progressive A&E firms to ensure their employees can excel in the business of design, engineering and environmental consulting.

The Find the Lost Dollars training program offers 10 online and group facilitated modules that get your employees to follow business best practices and have them searching and finding lost dollars in just ten weeks! We dive into the following subjects to ensure employees are prepared for the Design and Construction industry of the future!


· Culture Traps that Steal Your Profits

· Nine Areas Where Firms Lose Money

· Effective A&E Firm Financial Management

· Marketing, Business Development and Sales Effectiveness

· Contract Types, Project Costs and Estimating

· Project Budgeting, Monitoring and Resource Management

· Scope Creep and Extra Services

· Time is Money

· Cash is King

· Managing Client Relationships

Give your employees the edge they need to deliver top industry financial results and feel empowered to help your firm succeed.


You Don’t Have to Reinvent the Wheel – Better Processes Can be Easier to Implement!

Business best practices should be designed to help employees perform at their best with as little manual processes and time-wasting effort as possible.

Unfortunately, many firms have inconsistent or non-existing processes that actually impede employee performance and quality project delivery. We believe it should be easy for employees to do a great job and perform at their highest potential!

We help you develop streamlined business best practices that ensure employee success and make their jobs easier so they will be more productive and happy in their jobs.

We help you evaluate and develop better ways of running your business to maximize employee efficiency and high profits in the following areas:

Learn the best practices that will propel your firm to higher profits and happier employees.

Read the best-selling book, 
Find the Lost Dollars: 6 Steps to Increase Profits in
Architecture, Engineering and Environmental Firms

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Stop leaking profits because employees struggle with best practices and are not focused on business. You can transform your employee mindset and refocus your firm on business success so they love the work they do and your profits soar.

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