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June R. Jewell, CPA is leading business management expert guiding Architecture and Engineering firm leaders to top industry profits by improving culture, processes and systems, and ensuring leaders, PMs and employees are trained for high performance.

She is author of the best-selling book, Find the Lost Dollars: 6 Steps to Increase Profits in Architecture, Engineering and Environmental Firms.

June is CEO of AEC Business Solutions, providing business assessments, training programs, workshops and process improvement services to stop projects from leaking profits and find lost dollars in nine areas of your business.

June’s new book, RAISE Your Value, prescribes a 5-Step process to uncover hidden value, design a winning competitive advantage and increase fees. You can learn more about June and her team at www.aecbusiness.com

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What Our Clients Are Saying…

“While I have always been concerned for the client, the company, project performance and profits, as an engineer my focus has always been on the technical aspect of the work. This focus on quality and technical excellence will never change. What has changed, however, is my behavior and focus on how the technical discipline and the project management disciplines are inextricably tied. By changing the way I look at and value project management, I am helping my company serve our clients better AND Find Lost Dollars!”

Lisa Wallis-Dutra

Senior Engineer, QK, Inc.

“The Find the Lost Dollars™ business management training program was exactly the type of program we needed to get our entire management team focused on profitability. It enabled us to train a core group of employees, all with different levels of experience, in a convenient and flexible format without loss of billable revenue and time out of the office.”

Jim Meads, P.E.

President/CEO, Sain Associates, Inc.

“We plan to offer the Find the Lost Dollars training to more teams at Earth Systems, and continue to meet on a regular basis to implement the many great ideas and suggestions for improvement that came directly from our discussions. I recommend this program to Engineering and Geotech firms who are looking for an effective and convenient way to both train their staff on business best practices as well as gain momentum to move forward with key business improvements.”

Craig S. Hill, P.E.

President/CEO, Earth Systems, Inc.

“The Find the Lost Dollars™ online training program was a perfect solution for quickly training a group of managers. Specifically focused on running a successful A&E firm, it provided our team with the foundation of a solid business education as well as guidance on best practices for sales, project management and optimizing resources. “

Myrna Norman

Senior Associate Principal, IBI Group

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