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AEC Business Solution’s mission is to work closely with our clients to provide the toolstraining and assessments necessary to helping them find the “lost dollars” in their businesses. To that end, we offer innovative solutions that help business leaders and project managers create a profitable culture that transforms your organization and increases your profits. Included in our offerings are monthly complimentary live educational web training sessions and on-demand web training sessions you can access 24/7.

Live Web Training:

How to Develop & Implement Business Processes that Employees Will (actually) Follow

Date: Wednesday, October 23rd, 1:30pm ET

Streamlined and effective business processes are essential to guide employees on how to do their jobs, and ensure safety, quality, technical excellence and high profits. A good process should be, “the best way to do something” however, due to silos and lack of structure and accountability, many firms find that everyone has their own way of operating. This causes a great deal of inconsistency and additional project risks as well as problems with client service, project quality, financial outcomes and employee productivity. In this session, we will dive into why you need to develop, document, manage and train staff on effective business processes, and how to get this daunting initiative accomplished.