Web Training

AEC Business Solution’s mission is to work closely with our clients to provide the toolstraining and assessments necessary to helping them find the “lost dollars” in their businesses. To that end, we offer innovative solutions that help business leaders and project managers create a profitable culture that transforms your organization and increases your profits. Included in our offerings are monthly complimentary live educational web training sessions and on-demand web training sessions you can access 24/7.

Live Web Training:

Stop Wasting Time! Get Your Employees to Work Smarter (Not Harder!)

Date: Tuesday, August 13th, 1:30pm ET

Employees are the key to a professional services firm’s success. Yet many firms promote technical people into roles they are not prepared or ready for. As a result, project profitability suffers and there is frustration at every level of the organization. By enabling employees, through financial and systems training, automation, and accountability measures, the firm’s profit margins can increase substantially.