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June Jewell AEC Profitability Summit 2015

June Jewell, CPA, Profitability Expert and Speaker

High-impact Speaking Engagements to Inspire Business Leaders to Achieve Accelerated Growth and Sustained Profitability

June spoke on ‘Find the Lost Dollars in Your Firm’ at our June 2016 Annual Meeting and we’ve never received more positive comments on a speaker. Her strategies for making your firm more profitable were pertinent to everyone who attended, regardless of the size of their firms or the fields in which they practice. This was really valuable stuff.

Donald L. Mader

Executive Director, American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of Ohio

As a Speaker and Consultant, June Provides Training and Workshops on a Variety of Topics


    • RAISE Your Value
    • Find the Lost Dollars in Your A&E Firm

    • 5 Steps to RAISE Your Value and Your Fees

    • RAISE Your Value and Charge What You’re Worth!
    • RAISE Your Value and Stop Undercharging for Your Work!

    • Selling on Value Instead of Price

    • Stop Leaving Money on the Table – 10 Keys to Maximizing Project Revenues

    • Leverage the 80/20 Rule to Get New Clients

    • 9 Places Your Firm is Losing Profit and How to Find It

    • Preparing to Sell? Get Your House in Order to Maximize Firm Value

    • The Key to Project Success: Project Initiation and Project Close-out Best Practices

    • Cash is King: Managing Cash Flow for Growth and Profit

    • Cash is King: Managing Cash Flow in a Down Economy

    • Bottom-Up Leadership – Break the Old-School Model in Your A&E Firm and Create a Relevant and Future-Focused Firm

    • Positively Implementing a Culture of Accountability

    • Holding Project Managers Accountable for Profitability

    • Elevating a Project Manager to a Business Manager

    • Controlling Project Costs to Improve Profitability

    • 10 Ways to Pivot Your Services to be More Resilient

    • Stop Spending Your Profit Before You Win the Project!

    • How to Develop & Implement Business Processes that Employees Will (actually) Follow

    • Disrupt Your A&E Firm! Embracing Business Practices Outside the Industry to Differentiate and Catapult Success

    • 5 Shifts to Create a Culture of Business Excellence

    • Getting Your Employees to Think (and act) Like Owners

    • Retaining Top Performers Through Recognition Programs

    • 10 Keys to Increasing Utilization in Your A&E Firm

    • Getting More Work from Your Existing Clients

    • Turning Around an Underperforming Team

    • Elevating a Project Manager to a Business Manager

    • Controlling Project Costs to Improve Profitability

    • Utilizing Technology for Improved Business Management

    • How to Leverage a CRM System to Increase Sales and Client Retention

    • Financial Management for Non-Financial Professional

    • Making a Profit in a Growing A/E Firm

    • Time is Money!

    • Marketing Professional as a Strategic Asset

    • Best Practices to Develop A+ Project Managers

    • Developing Superstar Project Managers

    • Leveraging Project Accounting and Marketing Systems to Increase Profits

    • Avoiding the Pitfalls of Implementing Financial Management Systems

    • Reduce Scope Creep and Get Paid for Extra Services

    • 3 Ways to Increase Your Fees Now

    • Holding Employees Accountable to Increase Profitability

    • Leading Change to Improve Profitability

    • 6 Steps to Increase Profits in A&E Firms

    • Marketing Challenges and Opportunities for Today’s A&E Firm

Thanks, June, for your excellent presentation addressing the critical business management skills that are essential to successful project management. All too often we see folks who are under the impression that  competent architects and engineers are, by definition, competent project managers. It’s important to understand that those design skills actually represent the lower rungs on the ladder to highly-skilled project management. Your emphasis on time and people management, as well as discipline and professionalism in the financial aspects of projects, ranging from fee development to collections, was spot-on. I know that it was a valuable reality check for our up-and-coming project managers and a healthy refresher for our firm leaders. Thank you!

Jay Appleton

PE, Principal, Kitchen & Associates, Architecture - Engineering - Planning - Interiors, Collingswood, NJ