Find the Lost Dollars


6 Steps to Increase Profits in Architecture, Engineering and Environmental Firms

Find the Lost Dollars

About The Book

Find The Lost Dollars: 6 Steps to Increase Profits in Architecture, Engineering and Environmental Firms is an Amazon best selling book packed with proven business management tools for AEC firms and solutions for scope creep.

Are you maximizing every dollar of profit on your projects? The daily demands of running an architect and engineer business can be overwhelming. CPA June Jewell reveals the secrets of uncovering thousands of dollars of hidden revenues. Eliminate time consuming, ineffective business practices and learn to focus on what matters most from people, processes and technology to gain a competitive edge and increase your firm’s profitability.

  • Calculate the ROI from improving your business management
  • Learn where to focus your attention to increase profit margins
  • Gain practical advice for improving nine areas that can have a huge impact on your Win Rate, Utilization and Project Profit Margin
  • Implement a six step process to “Find the Lost Dollars™” in your A&E firm.


  Rave Reviews!

I want to let you know the success we are experiencing at TEC Inc Engineering & Design, due in a large part from what I learned and have been able to implement from your two books. Find the Lost Dollars and Raise Your Value have been instrumental in many of the changes we have made over the past couple of years. I must admit the implementation of our long thought-out Succession Plan in January of 2020 played a significant role but the direction I was able to learn from your books made a huge difference. Not only is our revenue increasing significantly each year ( approximately 20%) the quality of our clients has taken a huge step forward as we have become more selective as to who we want to work with. This in turn has dramatically improved cash flow and collections. We are down from 90days + to about 35 days, invoicing twice a month made a big difference. All our KPI’s have improved and importantly our profit has averaged over 20%. It has taken a while to get all the pieces in place, and get leadership on board, I feel we are on the cusp of being a wonderful success story 40 years in the making. June, I cannot thank you enough the knowledge I gain initially from your AEC summit in Virginia , to your two wonderfully inciteful books we have Tec Inc heading in a very positive direction.

Terry Kilbourne, CEO,
Tec Inc. Engineering & Design

“The book is truly a “Jewel” within the AEC business books that are available today. It is easy to read and full of real world ideas, samples, innovations and ways to save (and make) more money now. “

Ron Worth, President and CEO,
Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS)


“June’s book goes far beyond how to Find the Lost Dollars™. It includes primers on all the basics of running a good business, from marketing to client relations, and from cash management to computer systems. This is a must-read for any current or aspiring A/E firm leader.”

Frank A. Stasiowski, FAIA, Founder and CEO,
PSMJ | Resources, Inc.


“June Jewell has been at this a long time and her book reflects that intimate practical knowledge of our industry.”

Mark C. Zweig, Founder and CEO,
Zweig Group


Find the Lost Dollars: 6 Steps to Increase Profits in Architecture, Engineering, and Environmental Firms describes the fundamental business parameters affecting the building design industry.  Executives who have the vision to train their future leaders before they put them into responsible positions, or as they place them into leadership roles, should make this book a must read for those ascending in their firm.”

Joseph Cappuccio, P.E. Senior Vice President,
Rolf Jensen & Associates, Inc.


Find the Lost Dollars™ is one of those business books that ties together all of the things that successful entrepreneurs know or need to know and most importantly provides a resource for succession. I plan to insure that 6 -8 of our key staff receive the book and encourage each one to read it and absorb the information – and of course, have them employ the knowledge on a daily basis . None of us in a CEO role today in A/E firms went to CEO school. This book will provide a short course and guidance to the next generation–those succeeding the current leadership– in our firm”

Wes Guckert, President and CEO,
The Traffic Group


“There is little to no business training in the architectural or engineering curricula, leaving most of us as we enter the profession woefully lacking in the business, sense, vocabulary or skills necessary to guide our firms to financial success. Our clients, who depend on us to be stable, on-going enterprises for the period of years during which we’ll be working together expect us to be more than just surviving. June’s book offers complete and detailed guidance that every architect and engineer needs to be successful.”

Ed Friedrichs, Founder,
Friedrichs Group


“There is money hiding in the corners of your firm! June Jewell has pulled back the curtain and revealed the long list of lazy, outdated and misguided business practices that conspire to keep AE firms from truly prospering. We’ve been suffering these bad habits for years and now Jewell shines a bright light on them in a way that leaves no excuses. If you want higher profits, read this book!”

David A. Stone, CEO
blüStone Marketing, formerly Stone & Company


“Those who know me know that I am a firm believer in always looking at how you can improve, never stop assessing your performance for the purpose of improvement. This book is a great tool for not only guiding one through a self-assessment, but also providing valuable advice on steps to take toward improving on those areas found to be in need of improvement.”

Bob Gillcrist, Sr. Client Executive


“Business authors often try too hard to show their smarts with gimmicks and clichés. You only need to read the first chapter of Find the Lost Dollars™ to see that June Jewell is an expert in the nature of operating a business for profit and quality. I didn’t have to wade through theory and wasted words to get to the meaningful content. June is not just an author; she has done the job. She has been a consistent implementer of change. Having known June for a few years now I can tell you she is both tenacious and personable. She knows how to get work in the door and has a track record of providing true quality and measurable results. Her book provides a treasure map to finding your company’s lost dollars with proof and easy to understand benchmarks. This book speaks our language. ”

Chris Hillmann, President and CEO,
Hillmann Consulting, LLC


“Don’t read this book if you think your firm does everything perfectly and can’t be more profitable.”

Guy Hinkler, CEO
V2 Systems Management


“In the densely populated world of business management books, June Jewell’s Find the Lost Dollars™ rises above the crowd, and distinguishes itself by virtue of the pragmatic, process-oriented guidance it provides, and identification of the eminently do-able corrective actions that we all need to implement in order to enhance (dare I say restore?) profitability. Well done, June, and thank you!”

Jay Appleton, Principal
Kitchen & Associates


Find the Lost Dollars™ not only has relevant, current  data and advice, but the last chapter gives you a gift: tools to assess your firm and how to find the lost dollars in your practice…..go find those dollars and be more profitable.”

Ted Maziejka, LEED AP Consultant
Zweig Group


Find the Lost Dollars™ provides exceptional perspective for the management and operations of professional services firms. It provided me with best practices and realistic suggestions that can actually be implemented.”

Tim Klabunde
Marketer, Author, Speaker


“This book is a great reference  for anyone from PM / Controller on up who wishes to be successful in this industry. All they need is the desire,will, and courage to change the way they operate.”

Tony Vitullo, CPA, CGMA, CFO
Cooper Robertson Partners


“This book is a must read for anyone in the A&E industry, for the up and coming manager, financial staff, and principals. Even the most seasoned principals should be reviewing this material as a reminder of why these issues are important.”

Edward Kroman, III, Director of Finance
Summer Consultants, Inc.


“This book is the definitive road map to a successful A/E practice.”

Reardon (Sully) Sullivan, P.E., President & CEO
WFT Engineering


“If the ideas and action items that you have provided in Find the Lost Dollars™ were implemented, not only the company implementing these ideas would be successful, but the entire mindset of the A/E industry would change!”

Zack Shariff, CEO
Allen & Shariff Corporation


“Find the Lost Dollars™ is the best book I’ve read on the subject of basic Project Management and Operational competence in a design firm.  Unlike so many existing books written on this topic that have taken a subject which is not `Rocket Science’ and made it appear so daunting and overwhelming, June’s book brings the subject down-to-earth in both content and format in a way that should allow any practice to improve its performance, and any professional to better understand the business of design. I highly recommend Find the Lost Dollars™ to all design professionals.”

Bob Gillcrist, Project Management/Operations Consultant

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