Find the Lost Dollars

RAISE Your value:

5 Steps for Architecture and Engineering Firms to Uncover Hidden Value, Design a Winning Advantage and Charge More

Find the Lost Dollars

About The Book

RAISE Your Value: 5 Steps for Architecture and Engineering Firms to Uncover Hidden Value, Design a Winning Advantage and Charge More is the ultimate guide to elevating Architecture and Engineering firms out of the trap of commoditization that has plagued the industry for many years. 

As your firm pursues business your staff must navigate difficult conversations around fees and pricing every day. Pressures from existing and potential new clients to lower fees often forces your teams to give away profits and avoid asking for change orders to get the work and “be competitive.”

Rather than believe you are adding additional value to your clients’ projects, many A&E professionals assume they are not better than their competitors and compete on fees. Even if you do believe you are better, many of your staff do not have the skills to articulate why you are better and fail to have the right conversations with clients. 

This groundbreaking book introduces the RAISE Your Value Formula, a framework for guiding A&E leaders and their teams to uncover their unique value proposition and execute a strategy to leverage their value into a Winning Advantage. 

In this how-to guide, we’ll unpack the mindset and business practices that are causing your A&E firm to compete on price and provide 5 clear steps to transform your team and business results. With the right approach, understanding and language tools, it’s possible to transform your client relationships and business practices away from accepting unprofitable work towards a value-based business partnership. This book will teach you how to understand and communicate your value so that you can have better and fairer clients and higher profits.


Rave reviews!

“I Loved this book as much as “Find the Lost Dollars.”  Both books, their content and their approach are right on point.  “Find the Lost Dollars” was the backbone to our updated project management training we did last year as a company.

You are especially on point in “Raise Your Value” in that it takes a total company commitment (top to bottom in the organization) to be successful.  When everyone sees and understands the benefits of the system and how it creates value, the firm can reinvest in themself through increased salaries, technology investments, office improvements, talent retention, bonuses, benefits, growth, etc., etc., etc.  If a firm stays with the program and gets the wheel turning, they will see the results.” – Jay Wolverton, Chief Growth Officer of CHA Companies

“June Jewell’s new book, RAISE Your Value, provides a strong argument for increasing our perceived and delivered value, as well as a clear path to transforming your firm into a highly valued consulting practice with better clients and higher fees. Get your entire team on board and make the RAISE Your Value approach part of your culture and values. You will not regret it!”  – Jon Christensen, President/CEO of Kleinschmidt Associates

“This book is a must read if you’re looking to differentiate your firm from competitors, create a cohesive workforce, and make a substantial profit. The first part of the book outlines hard truths of the A/E industry and then provides creative ways to overcome and succeed in our environment. The educational chapters all lead to the 5-Step RAISE Your Value Formula which identifies the steps on how to become THE sought-after firm for services.”Helen Apostolico, Principal, CFO of Landmark Science & Engineering

“June addresses a systemic issue in the AEC industry. Focusing on the value our professionals provide will ultimately produce much more efficient and effective collaboration between owners and design professionals. Well done!!”Rob Lamb, CEO of GLHN Architects & Engineers


“RAISE Your Value is a great compliment to Find the Lost Dollars and provides insight into our clients’ mindset. June Jewell arms us with strategies for communicating our value and identifying and retaining the right clients. The assessments and exercises provide eye-opening information to drive change in practices to achieve higher profits!” – Geralanne Maglione, Executive Vice President of Hillmann Consulting, LLC

“Raise Your Value is not just for Architecture and Engineering Firms, all professional service firms could utilize these concepts, raise their value, get better clients and win more.”Robert Brewer, CPA of Grassi CPAs

“A must read for all Owners and CEOs of consulting organizations. This book is an excellent resource and even better tool to improve your business if you read it and take action.  June has leveraged the AEC industry experts along with her professional experience to create a usable reference book.  The Forward is from an actual CEO that used the material to improve their business performance. The Introduction clearly articulates the journey June has been on the purpose of the book, a summary of the 5-Step Formula.  The book includes ten chapters to walk you thru June 5-Step Raise Your Value Formula, along with electronic downloadable tools to support the various steps. A complete package.  For seasoned business executives many aspects such as SWOT Analysis or 80/20 Rule are familiar to us.  June does an excellent job of writing and explaining each step and aspect of the program in clear and understandable language. This makes this book an excellent education resource for all levels in the organization, which is one of the goals of the book. Coaching all team members is one of the principles of June’s program and this book meets that need head on.  The material is slanted toward the AEC industry; however the program and process can be applied to all consultations and other businesses. Having worked for several high-performance organizations, I know following June’s program will deliver results.  Looking forward to sharing this with my professional community.”Gerry B. Fitzsimmons P.Eng. BCxP, LEED© AP

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Six things you will learn…


Why working with clients that don’t share your values is causing problems and lowering your profits


How to stop competing on price and get more of your ideal clients


How to uncover your hidden value and leverage it for success


How to design a winning competitive advantage by creating a unique value proposition and proprietary process that will have clients wanting to work with you


How to develop a strategy to get better clients and raise your fees


How to transform your culture to teach employees to sell on value and charge what you’re worth

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About the author

June R. Jewell, CPA is a leading business expert in the architecture and engineering industry. June started working in the A&E industry in 1990 implementing the Wind2 Financial Management System and became a Deltek Premier Partner in 2005 when Deltek acquired Wind2. Throughout her career, June has worked with over 1,000 A&E firms, helping them improve their business operations, systems, and processes.

She is author of the best-selling book Find the Lost Dollars: 6 Steps to Increase Profits in Architecture, Engineering and Environmental Firms. This book has helped thousands of firm leaders, project managers, and emerging leaders to embrace business best practices and improved financial management to increase profits.

As CEO of AEC Business Solutions, June and her team provide business assessments, business coaching, training and workshops, and process improvement services to help A&E firms sell and deliver profitable projects. She is a frequent speaker at A&E industry events and enjoys finding new ways to help A&E firms succeed.

June splits her time between Reston, Virginia and Fort Lauderdale, Florida and lives with her daughter and pup JoJo. She enjoys boating, dancing, karaoke, baseball, and country music concerts.