“Find the Lost Dollars”



Are your projects delivering the kind of profits you expected?


Many A&E firms see profit leaks because of scope creep, poor project management and other project challenges.

In my book you will learn how your culture, your teams, and your business practices are slowly stealing your profit margins.


After reading this book you will:


♦  Know the 9 areas of your business you need to address right now to stop your profit leaks. 


♦  Understand the value of reshaping your firm’s culture into an environment where every employee is held accountable to drive the firm’s financial success.


♦  Know some of my secrets that are increasing our clients’ profits by $100,000 or more every month!


This new abridged version is available so you can quickly get started on the important job of improving your business. If what you read in my book is the type of advice your firm or project needs, let us know. We have tools and resources to help you fast track the implementation of the ideas in the book.


Guidance every architect and engineer needs to be successful!

“There is little to no business training in the architectural or engineering curricula, leaving most of us as we enter the profession woefully lacking in the business, sense, vocabulary or skills necessary to guide our firms to financial success. Our clients, who depend on us to be stable, on-going enterprises for the period of years during which we’ll be working together expect us to be more than just surviving. June’s book offers guidance… that every architect and engineer needs to be successful.”

– Ed Friedrichs, Founder, Friedrichs Group



Her book provides a treasure map to finding lost dollars

“June is not just an author, she’s done the job. She knows how to get work in the door and has a track record of providing true quality and measurable results. Her book provides a treasure map to finding your company’s lost dollars with proof and easy to understand benchmarks. This book speaks our language.”

– Christopher Hillmann, CEO, Hillmann Consulting, LLC