No one wants the project to explode. Not you or the client. You may believe you are doing your client a favor by jumping at the small requests for changes, however, it could end in overall missed deadlines and compromised requirements.

Scope creep can destroy not only projects, but client relationships and worse — entire firms, making it impossible for it to finance itself due to eroding profit margins.

What does Scope Creep look like in terms of hard numbers? Is your firm guilty of Scope Creep? How much additional revenue could you be earning by converting Scope Creep to Extra Services revenue? How much is Scope Creep really costing your firm? How do you train your employees to have the right conversations with your clients?

How much is Scope Creep costing your firm?
Play with the numbers in this calculator, and see what it means in terms of revenue drain,& revenue gain.
Scope Creep Calculator
Number of projects worked on per year
Amount of average project billed per year
Estimated % of extra services not billed %
Lost dollars from extra services not recovered
Total amount lost on all projects
Savings from 1% increase in extra services billing per year

In the Find the Lost Dollars: Scope Creep and Recovering Extra Services Online Training course attendees will learn to:

  • Recognize project scope creep.
  • Understand ways scope creep can negatively impact projects.
  • Identify specific criteria, systems and processes that will help control scope creep and recover extra services. Identify specific contract issues that could impact scope creep, both negatively and positively.
  • Describe specific processes and communication standards to decrease scope creep.

View the 15 minute Controlling Scope Creep Training Preview now to see how you can train your team to overcome this common AE firm issue and be more profitable.

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