Screen Shot Find the Lost Dollars Online Learning Platform Training for Business Managers and Project Managers Find the Lost Dollars: 6 Steps to Increase Profits in Architecture, Engineering and Environmental Firms, authored by June R. Jewell, CPA was published in 2013.  Since its release many readers asked how June could help them take the book from information to transformation, recovering the much needed lost dollars in their firm. Many firms were developing their own training curriculum around the book and buying multiple copies for their staff. It soon became apparent that the subject matter in the book is being used by firms across the country for onboarding new project managers as well as training emerging leaders in the “business of an AEC business.”

AEC Business Solutions, LLC was formed to answer the call to take the book further and help even more firms be successful! Our first project was the design of an online business management training program providing step by step instruction and measurable goals to implement the Find the Lost Dollars framework.

It’s our goal to take the business management best practices delivered in Find the Lost Dollars, and prepare future leaders of AEC firms to maximize the win rate, utilization and project profitability. To that end, we recently conducted a survey of A&E firms across the country, and received outstanding feedback. We are taking the following into consideration as we complete the design of the initial course offering.

Top Areas Firms are Losing Money due to Inefficiencies or Lack of Training

We have prioritized the curriculum based on feedback from our surveys, and when asked about areas where your firm is losing money due to inefficiencies or lack of training, the top responses were:

  • 80% due to scope creep and extra services not being recovered
  • 64% due to general “poor project management”
  • 49% due to losing opportunities

When it comes to business training for your project managers, the two most important things to you are evidence that the training has a measurable effect on performance, and relevance to your firm’s way of operating. Our survey also uncovered  that you want added convenience, CEUs and to be certain the training is engaging and enjoyable.

As far as consideration when investing in online training, convenience was rated the most important factor, with interactivity, learning at your own pace, ability to go back and re-do a lesson, and assessments all ranking high as well.

Thirty five percent of you would like the training to include group sessions with other Project Managers in your firm so we are excited about the collaboration tools we are building into the training.

The biggest complaint you’ve had about past online training was the lack of interactivity and boring formats so we promise to bring unparalleled engagement and fun to our courses.

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Cash is King Webinar

Managing Cash Flow in a Down Economy

Date: Wednesday, August 19th, 12:00pm ET

The average days to collect cash in the AEC industry is between 60 to 120 days. In this web training we will examine the complete project lifecycle to understand how cash flow can be increased when the economy is uncertain. Participants will gain valuable tips to improve cash flow by improving timesheet practices, reducing the billing cycle, and improving client relationships and collection practices.

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