AEC Profitability Summit 2018, March 18-20, Miami FL


June R, Jewell, A&E Profitability ExpertI am thrilled to announce our second AEC Profitability Summit to be held in Miami Beach, March 18th-20th, 2018. Many people have reached out to me with questions – Why should I attend? Why are you holding this Summit?

There are two main reasons I decided to hold another Summit – first, I go to about 15-20 conferences a year, and while I enjoy them, meet lots of great people and learn a lot, most “sessions” don’t go into enough detail to provide the how-to steps to implement any of the ideas. Most "conferences" don't just focus on profitability either.

I didn't want to have a typical conference and I've been working overtime designing an unbelievable experience for you and your team. You'll explore areas of your business at a whole other level and make significant progress towards implementing game-changing new approaches to your business.

Second, we have many Find the Lost Dollars Training Program clients who have seen great results from putting their teams through our training program, but they want to do more and have asked for extra help implementing the initiatives they have prioritized during their group meetings. We have selected the ones that our clients have asked help for the most and are focusing on those in this Summit.

We are all so busy that client emergencies and project issues get in the way and many of the areas we want to address never even get started. Many clients have told me they just don't know where to start and really need some shortcuts.

The Summit will give you the opportunity to get away from your office, clients and projects for a couple days and do nothing but focus on how you can increase your profits substantially in the next 12 months. And, you’ll do it in the company of your peers and with me and my team of experts facilitating the process.

We are confident that you will see measurable financial increases from the work you do at this event. The top 10 reasons to attend are below – I believe they will answer many of your questions.

The Top 10 Reasons to Attend Are

10. Get your firm in shape at our Spring Training

Even the most elite athletes, and firm leaders, need to focus at the beginning of each season to get in shape, work on their skills, and bond as a team. We are creating the perfect opportunity for you to spend a few days in beautiful Miami Beach with me and my team of industry experts and work ON getting your business in amazing shape for 2018 and beyond.

9. Network with other A&E firm leaders

Many CEOs and other executives rarely get an opportunity to share tips, ideas and strategies in a safe environment. It is also a great time to get away from your day to day client and employee details to build new relationships and hear from others how they have addressed their biggest problems.

8. Engage with your team and peers

Many of our clients are bringing their top leaders and emerging leaders with them to the Summit to work together and brainstorm their top profitability challenges in a structured environment.

If you already have a Florida office or are hoping to do more work in Florida, this is a great chance to combine two important trips into one and leave with a detailed plan for addressing your marketing, project management and accountability issues.

7. Earn continuing education credits

Earn continuing education credits while working on your firm's business (8 -12 units)

6. Get some valuable work done

It is so hard to work on high imperative internal initiatives when you are slammed with project work. Get our of your office and spend two days producing valuable internal resources for your firm in a tenth the time it would have taken on your own.

5. Examine how your firm is unique

And, create a roadmap for promoting your firm's differentiating qualities.

4. Get access to my proprietary checklists, templates, and tools 

Use my proprietary content to design the "How-to" in finding your firm's lost dollars.

3. Address your biggest project management challenges

Examine PM roles and responsibilities, training and development, and effective processes for delivering profitable projects and stopping scope creep.

2. Develop a detailed strategy to hold your team accountable

Define the exact steps to make sure your strategy is successful.

1. Make More Money in 2018 and Beyond!

With the work you will do in Miami you should be able to increase profits 1 – 5% per year!


Do you have questions about the Profitability Summit? Please contact me!

I hope to see you there and I am excited to work with you to increase your financial results in 2018! - June


The Profitability Summit was a SUCCESS! Over $12 Million Lost Dollars were found by attending firm leaders.  Learn more >>

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