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Thank you for your interest in joining my launch team! As a launch team member you will be helping me reach best-seller status, provide reviews for others considering buying the book, and hopefully, getting many new ideas about how to RAISE the Value of your firm!

By joining the launch team we will be send you an email with a link to access a free advanced copy of the book in a downloadable version. It would be wonderful if you could read the entire book, but if you can’t, please scroll through the chapters and read the sections of most interest to you and your business. After that, we would be appreciative if you would purchase the kindle version for only $ .99 when it is available so that you can write a completely honest Amazon review. This will help me reach Best Seller status!  As an appreciation gift for providing feedback we will mail you a signed hard copy as soon as it is released.

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I am very grateful for your continued interest and support of my work. I hope you find my book extremely valuable!

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– June R. Jewell, CPA

About The Book

RAISE Your Value: 5 Steps for Architecture and Engineering Firms to Uncover Hidden Value, Design a Winning Advantage and Charge More is the ultimate guide to elevating Architecture and Engineering firms out of the trap of commoditization that has plagued the industry for many years. 

As your firm pursues business your staff must navigate difficult conversations around fees and pricing every day. Pressures from existing and potential new clients to lower fees often forces your teams to give away profits and avoid asking for change orders to get the work and “be competitive.”

Rather than believe you are adding additional value to your clients’ projects, many A&E professionals assume they are not better than their competitors and compete on fees. Even if you do believe you are better, many of your staff do not have the skills to articulate why you are better and fail to have the right conversations with clients. 

This groundbreaking book introduces the RAISE Your Value Formula, a framework for guiding A&E leaders and their teams to uncover their unique value proposition and execute a strategy to leverage their value into a Winning Advantage. 

In this how-to guide, we’ll unpack the mindset and business practices that are causing your A&E firm to compete on price and provide 5 clear steps to transform your team and business results. With the right approach, understanding and language tools, it’s possible to transform your client relationships and business practices away from accepting unprofitable work towards a value-based business partnership. This book will teach you how to understand and communicate your value so that you can have better and fairer clients and higher profits.


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