As I speak to our Architecture and Engineering clients around the country, the common goal is always how to maximize profits. The daily demands of running an architecture or engineering firm can be overwhelming. And the day to day demands of growing while still maintaining “squeezed” profit margins is becoming harder to accomplish. This is where the AEC Profitability Summit can give you specific tools to implement significant change over the next 12 months to increase your bottom line. Join us on a journey to find an extra 1% to 3% profits in your business.

How many times have you spent valuable time and moneyProfit attending a conference or seminar and come away thinking, “Hmm, some interesting info, but now what do I do with it?” All the business and financial management theory is great, but once you get back to your “day job” it is difficult to implement significant change without a plan. It has happened to me and my clients more times than I’d like to admit.

When our team at AEC Business Solutions first started talking about putting together the upcoming AEC Profitability Summit, I was adamant that we provide not only usable information, but also the necessary tools to implement our cost saving measures. Our amazing group of industry experts and business consultants will work together with you to guide you to your desired outcomes. We will provide you access to checklists, worksheets, templates, and tools developed exclusively for this conference. This combination of “hands-on” material has never been offered at any industry event before.

In order to ensure that our attendees achieve the most success from this journey, we decided we wanted to host a selective and limited group of AEC professionals for this unique learning opportunity. For this reason, only 100 registrations will be accepted. This summit is a unique learning opportunity for AEC firm leaders, emerging leaders and project managers to learn specific real-world solutions to the problems that affect your firm’s profitability.

This summit will be the beginning of a one-year journey for you to learn and implement initiatives that will improve your firm’s profitability. Before the conference you will prepare by assessing your firm’s current practices and gathering necessary financial information that you will use during the conference. During each session, we will offer actionable and usable “how-to” exercises. You will come away with tools that you can use to immediately make changes that will increase your firm’s earnings.

Some highlights of what will be offered at the 2015 AEC Profitability Summit:

Implementation of strategic plans

Proven marketing/business development tactics to increase fees and project margins

Smart Finance Tools

Processes to reduce Scope Creep

Accountability and performance improvement measures

The best part, and what sets this conference apart from other conferences, is that you will develop a plan for how to implement the identified changes, with specific goals and actions that you will take over the following 12 months. Our optional Executive and Project Management roundtables will offer you the opportunity to discuss with your peers the challenges you anticipate facing in making real changes in your firm. You will go home with a plan for implementing profitable change as well as tools such as workbooks, templates, checklists and other hands-on tools that will help you apply what you have learned to your firm’s unique challenges.

Our mission at AEC Business Solutions has always been to help AEC firms make more money on projects. Our main goal for the Summit is to provide “how to” education and resources that will provide a measurable increase in your firm’s profit margins within 12 months. We are committed to helping you accomplish this goal, and want to work closely with you to ensure your complete satisfaction and success.



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